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Full name: Madeleine Winter Williams

Nicknames or aliases: Winnie, Maddie

Species: Half Vampire/Half Human

Gender: Female

Age: 20, forever 18.

Birthday: November 8, 1995

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Sexuality: Pan-sexual

Nationality: Canadian

Place of birth: Quebec, Canada

Place they currently live in: Quebec, Canada

Religion: Agnostic

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, and Latin, English is her official language.

Native language: French mostly since she grew up in French speaking providence.

Relationship Status: Unknowingly single or taken since her partner went missing. ((They are actually.))


Height: 5, 6'' ft and in. or 167.64cm.

Weight: 105 ibs. 

Figure/build: Has a young woman's figure with C cups and is is normally strong with a ladylike posture since she grew up in high class home.

Voice: She has a somewhat of Canadian accent and speaks in a manner voice when she is around guests of her adopted family, she speaks sweetly if she knows you well enough or if your a family member or friend. She talks bluntly when around ppl she dislikes or are mean. 

Skin or fur or scales etc. colour: Her skin is fairly white since she spends her time mostly indoors being a maid and because she can't stand being in the sun for long. 

Eye colour: Hazel in her human form and Red in her vampire form.

Hair colour: Hazel just the same as her Eye colour.

Hairstyle: She mostly keeps most of her hair in a single large braid that hangs on her back and has bangs up front covering her forehead. If her hair gets too long, she cuts it to where her shoulder blades are.

Piercings: No piercings since its against her family policy to have any plus being a dancer, she protects her skin regardless.

Tattoos: No known tattoos.

Scars: She can't get any since her only vampire power is healing and healing others. 

Other distinguishing marks: No distinguish marks of whatsoever.

Preferred style of clothing: She mostly is in her maid's dress, on her freetime she wears a white dressy shirt with some short jean shorts, along with some white stockings and black flats. Assassin Creed like cloak as a vampire assassin that hunts evil vampires and evil werewolves.

Frequently worn jewellery: Her locket she had on her neck since she was a baby. 


Alcohol: She doesn't drink since she is under age and she doesn't drink except wine which she has when dining with guests and family while eating fancy dinners. Her alcohol tolerance is normal and she is incredibly perverted when she is drunk.

Smoker: Non-smoker.

Drugs: Non-Drug user. 

Allergies: None. 

Physical disabilities or illnesses: Her hair turns from Hazel to Blonde if she doesn't eat sweets. She gets hungry and grows aggressive if she doesn't drink blood for controlling her blood lust for an incredible amount of time.

Mental disabilities or illnesses: She sometimes gets nightmares of the demons that taunt her which is symptom of her vampire powers. 

Regular medication: Blood pouches of animal blood which she feeds on regularly to maintain her blood lust. 

Phobias: She is terrified of being alone one day since her parents disappearance when she was a baby. 


Personality: She is well mannered from going to a strict girls school and living with her family, but she acts freely herself when she wants around friends and family. She is sweet, caring, and motherly like taking care of those she cares. She can be violent to those that bring her and those she love arm and is very aggressive.

Distinctive habits and/or manoeuvres: She has a habit of scratching herself when feeling uneasy. 

Likes: Dancing, Cooking, Playing the piano, Snowboarding, Drinking tea and reading a book, -watchingporn-, watching anime, sleeping, other.

Dislikes: Sour food, Mean ppl, big cities, Summer, and politics. 

Goals: To protect her adopted family and friends and live her life freely and peacefully. 

Dreams: Sometimes is nightmares from the demons that taunt her and sometimes is peaceful with her taking in the silence of her dreamworld. 

Fears: She fears that she will fail in protecting those she loves and end up being alone in the world. 

Favourite things: Her locket she has with her since birth. 

Least favourite things: Sour food.


Talents and skills: She is a skilled dancer that dances for her adopted parents parties, a well organized maid that neatly puts everything in order, a great pianist. She is an Assassin train by her vampire girlfriend, that rescued her from and ambush from an evil group of other vampires that prey on unnoticeable humans. Her Assassin weapons are dual 9mms.

Supernatural talents and skills: Her only Vampire skill is healing which also works on scars. 


Their house and/or home: She lives in a big mansion that belongs to her rich adopted family and which she lives with, she shares a room with her lifelong knowing adopted sister, "Eliza Willams," or "Eli" as she calls her. 

Significant and important belongings: She has picture book of her and Eli playing together and her friends she met at the girl's school.

Pets: She has pet rabbit name Cotton.


Level of education: Graduated school and currently in college, 

Qualifications: Chef. 

Current job title and description: Maid and Dancer and what she does is clean after the Mansion and Dances as entertainment at parties. Assassin in the nightime which she hunts down evil vampires and evil werewolves.

Name of employer: "Richard Samual Williams III," adopted father also.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Tactical and cool attitude. 

Fighting skills/techniques: She shoots and and uses martial arts in combat. 

Weapon of choice (if any): Dual 9mms.

Weaknesses in combat: Bad at heal casting during battle since it takes time casting a heal spell and dodging attacks.

Strengths in combat: Stealth, she is very good at talking out most of enemies that way. 


Mother: "Serah Ambers Williams"

Father: Richard Samual Williams III

Parents alive or dead: Her biological family is gone missing since her birth.

Relationship with parents: Her relationship with them is pretty loving and warm although they can be strict, they love her and make sure she succeeds in her goals. 

Birth order: She is the youngest and only sibling. 

Siblings: "Eliza Williams" or "Eli" and her only sibling. 

Relationship with siblings: She loves her dearly and so much that she shares a room with her, she protects Madeleine as the same way Madeleine does to her. 

Best friend(s): Wolf Nightmare, a werewolf boy that she befriended and have the same goals.

Other sifnificant friends: Others which she is still looking for but already living they're separate lives.

Rivals or enemies: Everyone that is evil or does her or her family&friends harm.


Childhood from birth to the age of 12: Since she was a baby, she was an orphan living in an orphanage, her time there wasn't exactly miserable, but it was quiet and somewhat dull until she adoption at the age of 8, where she met her adopted family. They been looking for a sister for they're lonely daughter, they caught her attention the moment they saw her. After sometime in the home, she started developing her talents and later use her talents for her family. 

Describe their teenage years from 13 – 20: Her family entered her in a private strict girls school where she learn to be well mannered and well postured. She got a job as maid from her family and later a dancer since the family couldn't find a way to entertain their bored guests and she dance in front them and quickly she gets applauded for her unique dance skills. She later on she finds a girlfriend which she learns that she is a vampire after she gets ambush by an evil group of vampires. She offers to make her a vampire servant and lover. After Madeleine blood is drank she started develop her own vampire powers. Her girlfriend teaches her how to fight, strategies, and how to control her blood lust. One day her girlfriend went missing and continues to live on regardless living her life.

Adult years upward from the age of 20: She is currently studying in a university, working as maid and dancer on the side, and assassinates at night, all that while meeting other anime characters or original characters from other dimensions.

If old enough, elderly years upward from the age of 60:..


Quote or quotes: "Live, Prosper, and eat sweets."

Theme song: ...


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